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Letter from the CEO, Ivana Ciabatti

"Italpreziosi is a totally innovative company from a technological point of view, which focuses on humans, their dignity, their continuous improvement and well-being. It integrates economic value with human value, attentive and motivated by ethical principles with great care and respect for the environment, with emissions close to 0, respect for the planet's resources, to help leave it in good condition for the next generations, investing in and enhancing the surrounding area with social and cultural events.

A sustainable organization is first of all responsible: respecting people and the environment is the value from which to start, and where sustainability is integrated into the business, results are seen; the reputation is strengthened and becomes a distinctive and qualifying element.

The company asks the business world to make a commitment to help find answers to the great global challenges. This also changes, primarily culturally, focusing on the creation of shared value."

Our mission

We consider responsibility and sustainability the drivers of a continuous improvement process that guarantees results over time and strengthening of economic performance and our reputation.

The founding principles of our way of working, in line with the United Nations 2030 Agenda, include protection of the environment, protection of human rights, respect for safe and fair labor standards, the promotion of gender equality and equal opportunities, the fight against discrimination and illegality, and providing technological innovation.


We believe in creating a healthy and stimulating work environment. We try to improve our colleagues’ feeling of belonging by offering them the opportunity to grow on a personal level and by encouraging them to make good use of their talents. We promote gender equality: women make up 42% of Italpreziosi's workforce. In addition, our team members’ average age is 38; 55% are under the age of 35.

D&I Policy​


We carry out projects by enhancing local structures, economic resources and staff, with the aim of a concrete and lasting development of the countries in which we operate. We follow a 360-degree ethical path in every phase of our operations.


We are a dynamic and innovative company that believes that everyone's participation and contribution is fundamental for achieving great goals to improve our services. We pursue the continuous increase of our skills, refining methods and operational strategies with innovative and increasingly effective approaches.

Code of Ethics

Italpreziosi has a Code of Ethics (see page Accreditations and certifications) collecting these values and establishing the principles and rules of conduct, the observance of which is required by the corporate bodies, management, employees, external collaborators and any person who cooperates in any capacity with Italpreziosi.


We pursue a sustainable development model and therefore consider environmental protection to be extremely important. We do everything reasonable and effective to minimize negative effects of our activities on the environment and to comply with environmental protection laws and directives. Our high technology systems are of the latest generation, to maximize efficiency and minimize environmental impact, with near-zero emissions.

On 2021 Earth Day our CEO signed the first Environmental Policy with the aim of outlining the internal and external behavioral bases that we will apply, in order to pursue constant and sustainable growth, hand in hand with research and innovation, for a social and environmental performance in line with our principles of ethics and integrity. In accordance with the guidelines of the Paris Agreement, the Policy will focus on the "3R + E" principle, which focuses on recycling, reuse and waste reduction projects, as well as on the possibility of avoiding the latter. The Policy is available at this link​.


We are committed to supporting our customers all over the world by offering the best conditions and professionalism to build lasting relationships of mutual respect. We aim to offer efficient service by adopting cutting-edge technologies. Our goal is to create an increasingly direct relationship with our counterparts. In any type of relationship, with customers, collaborators, suppliers, we are committed to respecting the rules of loyalty, transparency and ethics. ​


Communicating transparently to our stakeholders our commitment to a more sustainable and responsible industry is fundamental. This is why we publish our Sustainability Report annually.