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Investment gold / The functions of gold

The functions of gold

Gold’s main functions can be summarized in three macro categories:

  • Monetary function
  • Investment function
  • Industrial function

Monetary function

The monetary function occurs when it is used as:

  • medium of exchange;
  • unit of account;
  • value reserve;
  • measure for deferred payments;

If a currency is convertible into another currency, in turn convertible into gold, this is the gold exchange standard.

    Investment function

    Gold gives the investor security and solidity; its value is universal and easily achievable at any time. Gold has been proven to hold its purchasing power throughout history. For this reason, private individuals buy and hold metal in the medium/long term with the aim of protecting themselves from devaluations and economic and geopolitical insecurities.

      Industrial function

      The third function of gold is industrial. Its physical characteristics and high value make it an ideal product both for use in jewelry and in electronic and medical technologies. In general, in the past and still today in many countries, jewelry has also performed an investment function, while the use in electronics is essentially due to its characteristics as a good electricity conductor. Finally, thanks to its resistance and non-toxicity, it is used in the medical field mainly in dentistry and prosthetics.