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Investment gold / Italpreziosi agents

Italpreziosi agents

The Italplatform platform, originally created for banking institutions, has also been extended to the network of financial/insurance agents and consultants. This system for marketing investment gold allows all partners’ customers the opportunity to buy and sell physical gold pursuant to law 7/2000. For Italpreziosi, it is of strategic importance to train professional figures who represent, in the best possible way, the investment gold market: Italpreziosi agents.

Below are all the affiliated agents and reference offices:

Giacomo Mazzucchelli Area Lombardia e Piemonte Telephone: 338 1505546
Alessandro Jorio Area Marche Telephone: 335 7788302
Emanuele Roberto Area Puglia e Lazio Telephone: 331 6796608
Andrea Pelagracci Area Umbria Telephone: 335 383824
Simone Benedetti Provincia di Massa Carrara, Lucca, Pisa e Livorno Telephone: 344 0365719
Claudio Dolfi Provincia di Firenze e Arezzo Telephone: 338 7758699
Fabio Dolfi Provincia di Prato e Pistoia Telephone: 338 7758699
Andrea Carichini Provincia di Rimini, Bologna, Ravenna e Cesena Forli Telephone: 335 6399662
Paolo Marrocchesi Provincia di Siena e Grosseto Telephone: 393 3571441
Alessandro Pedri Stocco Provincia di Varese Telephone: 339 5489511
Sergio Franchi Provincia di Monza e Brianza Telephone: 348 2254344

If you want to become an Italpreziosi Agent, send your request to sales@Italpreziosi.it