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Italpreziosi SPA
Goldlake IP
Starcore International Mines Ltd
Sandspring Resources Ltd
ISP Chemical Division

Starcore International Mines LTD

Starcore International Mines Ltd is a mining company listed on the TSX in Toronto. It is a Canadian exploration, development and mining company. The mining concession currently being mined is the San Martin mine, which covers a large area located in Queretaro, Mexico. The company also holds mining concessions in the United States, not yet exploited or capitalized.

Gold X Mining

Mining company listed on TSX - Toronto, it owns some mining concessions in central and south America, and in particular, in British Guyana. It is developing what today is considered a major gold mining projects in South America.


Company listed on the TSX - Toronto, active in Colombian gold mining. The company has acquired part of the mining concessions of Gran Colombia Gold Corp (Marmato), with prospects for significant expansion of the extraction phase, which is already in place.


Mining company in Colombia, which is developing alluvial gold mining in full compliance with environmental protection and working conditions.

Goldlake IP

Goldlake IP is a company that has carried out since 2008, among the first in the world, a supply chain traceability project, from mining, refining and subsequent exclusive sale of ethical gold to Cartier, in compliance with high environmental protection standards, investing in social efforts and integration with local communities, managing to combine profit and innovation with respect for people and the ecosystem.