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Who we are / Profile

Italpreziosi was founded in 1984 and is a main operators in the production, refining and trading of precious metals, production and trade of investment gold based in Arezzo, Italy.

Thanks to the latest generation technologies and plants with an impact close to 0, in addition to having a central position in the value chain, Italpreziosi represents the strategic partner for all operators in the precious metal business, offering complete solutions for mines, banks, jewelry manufacturers, and industrial and private consumers. Our commitment is to guarantee the highest quality standards in compliance with ethics and sustainability principles.

The company deals with:

  • recovery, analysis and refining of precious metals;
  • production of gold and silver products for banks and industry;
  • sale of investment gold in the retail market;
  • proprietary e-commerce platform and website;
  • services to support the trading of precious metals;
  • logistics, shipping and storage services.

Italpreziosi is the ideal partner for all operators in the precious metals sector, excelling in reputation, service efficiency, reliability, and transparency, but above all in terms of sustainability and ethical commitment. In line with the highest standards, Italpreziosi pursues the United Nations 2030 agenda on Sustainable Development Goals (SDGS), objectives intended to contribute to the creation of a more sustainable, fair and equitable precious metal chain.