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Sales purchase

The customer intending to sell an Italpreziosi investment gold product, not Italpreziosi and/or investment gold coins pursuant to art. 1 paragraph 1 letter. to Law 7/2000, must proceed as follows:

Telephone Procedure

The first step consists of the customer registering by filling in the “KYC” (“Know Your Customer”) form provided by Italpreziosi and to be returned to it with a copy of the identity card and tax code. The Italpreziosi operator then creates the customer profile and carries out compliance checks. Registration is only necessary in case of first sale.

Once the first phase has been completed, the price of the desired product(s) is set by telephone through a dedicated operator. On confirming the order, you will receive a summary by e-mail with the pertinent documentation attached: "General Conditions of Sale" (hereinafter GCS), "Privacy Policy" and "Order Confirmation." Upon receipt of the documents signed by the customer and with the communication of the IBAN to perform the credit, the collection is arranged at the customer's premises. It can be decided to deliver the metal independently, unless an appointment has been made beforehand. If the metal is in Italpreziosi custody, through an insured deposit (“Italdeposito”), the customer will await the recovery of the goods being sold.

From the moment the sale price of the products of interest is set, the price remains the same regardless of future price fluctuations until the order is fulfilled. The customer is given the right to set the price of the metal upon receipt (or recovery) of the metal from Italpreziosi.


During the phone call, the selling price of the products of interest is set and will remain the same regardless of future price fluctuations.


The collection of the products sold will be carried out by specialized and insured couriers:

  • For withdrawals of goods up to one kilogram of total weight, the shipping costs are equal to €60.00; if the collection site is on an island or in a remote place, the cost varies according to the distance from the Italpreziosi premises and is determined at the time the price is set.
  • For orders over one kilogram in weight, the shipping costs are confirmed at the time the price is set.

On the agreed day, established through contact by the Armored car, the shipper provides the customer with the “Sealed envelope”. The customer inserts the products to be delivered to Italpreziosi SPA inside the Sealed Envelope, making sure it is sealed, fills in any fields on it, reports the envelope number on the AD ("Accompanying Document") previously provided by Italpreziosi at the time of setting the price and simultaneous sending of the "Confirmation of Sale." The customer then delivers the sealed Envelope with a copy of the AD to the Armored car.


The customer must complete, sign and send the following documents to Italpreziosi by e-mail:

Accompanying Document - AD: standard document that has the utility of accompanying the products to their destination. The customer must print the DDA in duplicate and must have both copies signed by the Armored car; one copy is to be delivered to the shipper and one will remain with the customer.

Sales Confirmation : the customer must complete and sign this order summary document indicating the collection location.

General conditions of sale: the contract under which the parties undertake to implement the sales agreement. Document to be completed and signed.

Privacy policy : the privacy policy pursuant to Art. 13 of Regulation (EU) No. 679/2016 ("GDPR")


Upon receipt of the products, Italpreziosi SPA carries out the pertinent qualitative/quantitative assessment. The payment of the value established at the time of setting the price takes place within the terms established by the contract. Italpreziosi reserves the right, in the event of qualitative/ quantitative discrepancies, to contact the customer for new price setting based on the findings made, starting from the original quotation.


Italpreziosi SPA reserves the right to cancel the order within the time and manner provided for in the contract.