Just a part of that quantity, 18,5 kilos, belonged to Giovanni Gold SAC, a Peruvian company that was our supplier since May 2013. The above-mentioned quantity was destined to be exported to Italpreziosi.
Italpreziosi conducted a due diligence process on that supplier, in compliance with our ordinary internal rules. During the commercial relationship the exportations of gold were regularly carried out and all the necessary documentation was attached and verified by the Custom authorities of Lima. There were no signs of irregularity or anomaly detected by our Compliance Department.
Neither the Peruvian authorities nor any other international authority has ever informed us about any investigation or legal action regarding Italpreziosi.
Moreover, the article refers to the business relationship between Italpreziosi Spa and the Peruvian mine Comarsa. On 2013 our company received the dismissal procedure by the American Supreme Court, in which Italpreziosi Spa was quickly declared “totally innocent as it bought gold in good faith”.